Working on the uberLines addon

Black and White levels in the making

reaction_game_black_and_white reaction_game_level_screenshot reaction_game_level_screenshot

As we started working on the uberLines addon, containing the black and white level pack, we asked ourselves, which new element we could add to separate the new levels from the original level pack. So the idea came up to integrate kind of a gear-wheel, which works as a trigger. Once the player triangle has passed these wheels, the blocks above will start to move. The difficulty is that the moving blocks may uncover different-colored blocks behind them.

The idea of uberLines in general is to pass the blocks with the same color. Therefore you have to decide fast whether you press or release to change the color of your triangle. Now with the trigger, the blocks suggest you to prepare for one color before it may suddenly become the other color.

As this is going to be an extra challenge, we decided to reduce the level length and increase the minimum spaces between each block, so you´ll have an extra blink of an eye to react 😉

The uberLines addon is coming to your device soon. Stay tuned.

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