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Unity3d plugins and all that stuff?!

As you might got from the title “uberLines” was developed with Unity3d. The implementation of the game was’t that challenging at all, just the occasional bug hunting sessions. But for a lot of stuff¬†like ads, in app purchases or social functions you have to communicate with native code, which means you either have to write your own plugins (yeah like you want to publish on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, have fun writing all that code ūüėČ or you can use some of the really greate plugins on the Asset Store of Unity3d. Most of the plugins we used are freebees! So if you’re not targeting Windows Phone 8.1 or need the share-function on iPhone mentioned somewhere in the text below, you won’t have to spent a cent.

Ads, ads, ads…

To begin with, our app is free, so we need ads to make at least some money. We already had an Admob account and lucky us, there is a great plugin on github. The implementation is pretty straight forward. The plugin works great for all Android stores like Google Play, Amazon, SlideMe, etc… and wihout any changes it works on iOS too, isn’t that great?! The only problem was to find something that works on Windos Phone 8.1. I needed a plugin for ads, IAP and social sharing and I searched the interwebz for something that suits our needs. I wanted to spent no money or at least not too much. After a lot of browsing I stumbled upon this sweet plugin by reign-studios, the Windows Unified API. After checking out their demos and a little tinkering, I must say it is worth every cent!

Sell stuff, people like stuff

IAP, yeah we need that. So how to implement this? After another round of searching the interwebs I found a really great plugin. You can access everything right here¬†on the Soomla homepage. It’s an open source project and they have a lot of Unity3d plugins too. I just needed their store module and I must say it works damn great. I use the store on Google Play, Amazon and iOS and again there is no need to do any modification whatsoever to make it work on both platforms, at least not in Unity3d. Oh sorry, I forgot you need to select the different stores with a click when you switch platform. For WP8.1 I used the reign-studios plugin, again, good stuff that is.

Everyone wants to share their stuff

For me this was the hardest part. Sharing on all platforms with as little different tools and afford as possible. Like everything above, it seems there are tons of plugins for stores, ads and sharing via Facebook or Twitter, but I wanted the native sharing screens on all devices so the user can choose where to share. Also because I didn’t want to implement the Facebook SDK. Gladly the Windows Unified API¬†provides the sharing option for WP8.1, again thumbs up, great plugin. So there were Android and iOS left, a cool solution which works for both would be nice and look what I found on TheAppGuruz, this two scripts work like a charm for Android and iPad. The problem was, it crashed on the iPhone, at least on iOS8 and my Objective C skills, well there are none, so let’s move on. I figured it would be easier to look for another solution and I found a nice plugin on the asset store. But if you’re familiar with Xcode you might be able to apply a little fix and it’ll work for you.¬†Check out the Mobile Native Unified plugin, this is exactly like every plugin should work, you want to share a screenshot? Well there is a method called ShareScreenshot() with an optional parameter for text. No setup whatsoever required, just download, import, use. Costs about 10‚ā¨, but is totally worth it!

Achievements and leaderboards

Play Games, GameCircle, GameCenter…oh yeah! Lucky us Google and Amazon provide us with plugins to use their services and on the Unity homepage there is a good guide¬†how to use GameCenter.

This is just a little summary of all the stuff I implemented for all the functionalities we wanted. Got questions or want to tell us about the plugins you use in your games, just use the comments!

And here is the link to the result, check out our game uberLines!


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