uberLines update in the making!

Heya folks, a new uberLines update is underway!

uberLines update coming soon!

As the title implies, we’re working on a new update for uberLines. It’s about time, eh? So how many of you already beat the 72 levels, I’d guess noone! But I don’t know, maybe we should put some analytics up with the update. So lets see what will be new.

First of all there will be a complete new pack of levels and if you check out the awesome GIF above, you’ll get a hint what the new color sets will look like! Another thing that’ll be implemented is some localization, which will contain french, spanish, italian and polish. If it turns out well, of course more will follow! 😉 And last but not least, we’ll reduce ads. As people mentioned repeatedly, there are way to much, but not anymore after the update.

In short:

  • new level pack (about 30 level)
  • new color sets
  • localization for french, spanish, italian and polish
  • less ads!

Anything we missed? What would you like to see in the next update for uberLines?

Don’t have uberLines installed? Well check out you’re prefered store below and get it now!

get_it_on_google_play  Amazon_172  download_on_the_app_store  download_from_windows_phone_store

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