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We got some really nice feedback for our new promo images and now we want to share some behind the scenes photos and some screenshots of the progress 😉

If you played uberLines you’ll know that the game starts really smooth but gets pretty hard over time, at least that is what we experienced during testing. Sometime we just felt like throwing our mobile phones against the wall, because it was so damn hard to beat the levels, but to verfiy that every level is beatable, we had to play the whole game. Only Markus completed all levels, but he’s a hard ass when it comes to that kind of challenge.

If you didn’t play uberLines, here are the links. Check it out but be reminded, you can’t always win!

GooglePlay_Logo   Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_172x51   Amazon_172   Windows_172

So we need some promo images for the game anyways and the idea came up to make something that show the frustration that overcomes one, when trying to beat a level, but you just can’t do it, you fail and fail and just want to break something. I think every gamer knows that feeling, you almost finished the level, but then one little mistake and all is lost, RAGEMODE!

After a little bit of brainstorming we came up with ideas like throwing the mobile into a televison or into the wall and dozens other. We settled with bathroom, parkbench and some excalibur-style (mobilephone in the stone) images. Now we needed some photos for Markus and David to work with, so we packed our bags and went outside to look for the perfect spots.

And now here is a nice collage to show you the process from taking the photos we used to the finished images.

Promo images collage

uberLines promo images making of

We hope you like the collage. If you’d like to know more about the process or see some more pictures feel free to ask.

Cheers and don’t get too mad, it’s just a game 😉

Ben, David and Markus


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