Jaeger Strike got an award on the IGX2015!

Last week we submitted our games Jaeger Strike and uberLines to the “Indie Revolution Expo 2015” or short IRX2015. The Expo took place online on Hitbox.tv, a platform similar to twitch, that’s new eh? Our team could only attend a short period of the IRX2015 but it was fun and we hope to see footage of the Expo on YouTube or somewhere else. And we definetly look forward to next years IRX!

And finally here comes the award badge for Jaeger Strike in all it’s beauty! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM!

Jaeger Strike Award Badge

Jaeger Strike "Honorable Mention" Award Badge

Thanks a lot, we’re proud of it and we hope you enjoy playing Jaeger Strike!

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Co-founder and Codemonkey at uberactive. Game enthusiast. Virtual voyager. Sifi lover.
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