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After some e-mail-contact to solve a little issue about our game on, Rick approached us and asked if we we’re willing to make an interview. It didn’t took long to decide that we want to do it. Rick proposed two options, the first one was to make a skype-session and he would record the interview. There was just a little problem… we are a german team, although we do most things like marketing, researching and whatsoever in english none of us is really fluent in talking english. Reading and writing is still a little different than speaking. So we had to turn down Rick’s suggestion to do it via Skype. It wouldn’t just have been right and maybe a little awkward. In the end noone would be any wiser than before because noone would have understood most of the things we said 😉 Rick prepared some interesting questions and we could answer them without the stress of talking.

So we went for a good old written interview, which you can read here.


Thank you IndieVideoGames for letting us introduce a little bit.

IndieVideoGames is a promotion site for indie game developers, where devs can list there games. Until now, they have about 1000 titles in their database, so we recommend to get in touch with them before their site is starting to get flooded by thousands of new releases. And remember if you have any problems submitting your game, just contact them, they respond very quick and will help you fix anything related to their site.

If you’re an indie developer GO NOW submit your game to their site and if you´re a gamer GO NOW and check out the cool indie games they already added! Like ours.

ENJOY you beautiful little indie people! 😉


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