Indie Marketing Guidelines

There are many blogposts, videos, analyzes and guidelines concerning the topic „how to market an indie game or app“.
We never took up this big issue in our blog so far. Maybe because all has been said and written on the net and there is nothing, that we as indies could add.
Therefore, we won´t say anything about this subject, but put together a nice summary of articles dealing with indie marketing.
So, this is our guideline to indie marketing guidelines. There are hundreds of others, but in the end, the statements are quite similar to each other.


1. Gamasutra calls it a basic marketing plan, separated into 9 sections.


2. Emmy Jonassen is a marketing expert and in this video she explains her view on the things. The topic is about how to market your indie game on a 0$ budget.

3. In this slideshow you get an overview about Emmy Jonassens quintessences.


4. To show the other site of the medal, this article is about lethal mistakes indie devs do over and over again.


5. Chartboost brings a comparison to big studios´marketing strategies and analyzes why indies shouldn´t copy them but find their own way.


6. These guys explain an awesome 5 point marketing mix. It focuses on the game itself, communication, price, distribution and experience.


7. Finally, here you´ll get a huge list of indie game marketing. Affectionately arranged by


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