FlexIndie now offers Jaeger Strike!

FlexIndie.com is a new site for (indie) developers to sell their games

In our never ending quest for new markets and methods to sell our games, we found another site on which we can offer our games, FlexIndie.com!

FlexIndie isn’t just another market where you can buy games, they have that little special thing every first friday of the month. It’s a “pay what you want”-mode, where the customer chooses the price he’ll pay for the game. But developers shouldn’t be afraid, there is a minimum of 1$, so people can’t grab everything for free.

Last friday was the first PWYW-mode and guess what, people didn’t just pay the lowest price to get their games, in fact a copy of “Jaeger Strike” was sold for 2$ instead of 1.60$. I think this is a very good example to show that people aren’t just greedy and want cheap stuff.

I really do like the idea and I wish the folks at FlexIndie the best of luck with their project. And of course we’ll upload our next game to their store.

Now you should go and check out Jaeger Strike on FlexIndie or upload your own game to their site. Share some love for these guys and of course for us and all these fantastic devs and buy or just download free games there.

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