Deutscher Computerspielepreis incoming!

Deutscher Computerspielepreis aka German Computergames Award


Deutscher Computerspielepreis

Yay, our game just got accepted for the “Deutscher Computerspielepreis” for the categories “best mobile game” and “best innovation” and a few other categories.

Yeah, best innovation, that’s right! Most people doesn’t seem to notice, that it is kind of special in a top down shooter which are usually 2D or 2.5D (whatever that means), that objects actually fly into the camera or fall down into the depth of the universe. Our game is real 3D, no shifting planes to fake a parallax effect and such. And isn’t that crazy you are still able to hit almost everything, doesn’t matter if above or below you.

As soon as I have some time on my hands, I’ll write an article about the technical details, with some illustrations and codesnippets. So stay tuned.

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