1st anniversary

1st Anniversary - uberactive game studios

Beloved friends, colleagues, family and everyone else who supported us on our way: We thank you!

On July 1st 2014 we founded our indie development studio starting with Jaeger Strike, then Dr. Fiddle and our latest creation uberLines.
Running your own company, in our case indie game development, is always hard, but when you feel that this is your profession it’s the right way and you can be sure we’ll continue doing it.
It was an extraordinary year.

Our first app in the stores, it was a great feeling. Followed by the dissapointment that it is an extremely hard task to compete with all the other games. It was quite a ride and still is. A year filled with new experiences, a lot of fails and a lot of experimenting.

We are excited to go on and see what our new game achieves in the mobile jungle.

But now we celebrate our first anniversary.


Ben, David and Markus

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